St.Jerome Roman Catholic Church

Just the FAQs!

Everything (almost) that you needed to know about St. Jerome Parish

1.     How can I join St. Jerome Parish?

               Answer:   You can be born to a Catholic Family that is already registered at St. Jerome Parish.  But seriously, to become a member here you must generally reside inside the territory of our parish, (parish boundaries).  To find out if you do reside inside our boundaries please call the rectory at 215-333-4461.

You may also join though a process called R.C.I.A. (fully explained in a moment) where you receive the sacraments and become a member of the parish at the Easter Vigil Mass.

2.     What is this thing called R.C.I.A.? 
               Answer:  RCIA is a process in the Church where those who are not Catholic but who want to inquire about the faith gather weekly with members of the parish in a formal setting to study and discuss the Church.  The process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years and at the conclusion of the process you receive your sacraments and are received into the Church at the Easter Vigil.

3.     Do I (or my child) have to be Catholic to attend St. Jerome School?

                Answer:   No St. Jerome school admits children of every race, color or creed.