St.Jerome Roman Catholic Church

In order to comply with government regulations we are revamping the Scrip Program .Scrip credits can ONLY be used towards  tuition /education payments. They can no longer be used for pharmacies.
Effective September 18th,2016 all scrip credits expire after one year from date of purchase. Any scrip credits from before September 18th, 2016 will not expire.
For all Saint Jerome school families scrip credits earned during this school year must applied to your smart tuition account
before the last tuition payment (May 2018). Credits earned after your last payment may be applied to your first payment (July 2018) and must be used be used before your last tuition payment (May 2019)

SCRIP gift cards are available for purchase at the Parish Rectory 7 days a week:
Monday through Friday 9am - noon 1PM - 6pm   The rectory is closed Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 1 pm for lunch.         Saturday 1PM - 6PM
Sunday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. 

With our change in hours we realize sometimes you may need scrip when the office is closed. Or you may wish to order a store that we don't carry. Saint Jerome is enrolled in  Shop with Scrip online shopping. You can pay & download your scrip to your phone or printer, reload previously purchased cards , or order stores we don't carry that can be added to our scrip order for that week.

The website address is ,our enrollment code is 39F96E74747  

Welcome to the SCRIP Page.